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Football - EURO 2016
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Germany-Ukraine EURO 2016 – BETTING TIPS

Coefficient - 1.5
tips efficiency - 56 %
Betting and football experts expect Germany to win in this tournament against Ukraine. They are one of the strongest football teams in the world and they are simply too willing to add more silverware to their collection. They are fully ready now to show everything they can in this game.
Coefficient - 1.53
tips efficiency - 72 %
Despite the dominance of Germany, Ukraine still has a few star players that might be a real threat to the opponent. Winger Andriy Yarmolenko and Yevhen Konoplyanka can do their best this time to seriously hurt Germany. It will let Ukraine not to be left far behind. Nevertheless, Germany will still be stronger.
Coefficient - 1.53
tips efficiency - 81 %
World Cup winners Germany are expected to add another trophy to their collection. They will have a strong start to scare the opponents. With their key players Mertesacker, Ozil, Can or Muller, they will be hard to stop, especially in a group stage. They are expected to start a very intriguing game against Ukraine.
Coefficient - 6.5
tips efficiency - 54 %
Ukraine qualified to the tournament from the play-offs. They faced Slovenia with the 2:0 victory. In the group stage they will meet Germany, Poland and Northern Ireland. Not a very big chance for them with such strong opponents. Yet, the best players in a team can still make a difference and let the team show worthy result.
Coefficient - 1.5
tips efficiency - 80 %
The last time Germany faced Ukraine was the year 2011 when they had a 3-3 draw game. Not a bad result, but previous meetings show the victory of Germany. Yet, Ukraine has never been able to beat Germany and is unlikely to do it this time.
Coefficient - 1.44
tips efficiency - 88 %
Joachim Loew, the coach of a German team, will most probably line-up the following squad to secure the win of his team: Neuer – Hector, Hummels, Mertesacker, Can – Kross, Khedira – Reus, Ozil, Draxler – Muller.
Coefficient - 3.8
tips efficiency - 90 %
Ukrainian coach Mykhaylo Fomenko is expected to line-up the squad this way: Pyatov – Fedetskiy, Khacheridi, Pakitskiy, Shevchuk – Stepanenko, Rybalka – Yarmolenko, Sorchuk, Konoplyanka, Seleznyov, but the best possible outcome for Ukraine is stil a draw.
Coefficient - 1.44
tips efficiency - 72 %
Germany is one of the main candidates for a victory in France. It’s 70% likely they will win this game against Ukraine, no matter how well prepared Ukraine is now.

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Germany will meet Ukraine on June 12 at 9 PM at Stadium Pierre Mauroy in Lille. Despite outstanding past records of a Germany team, according to the experts, Ukraine still has a few good chances to win in a Group C. The teams have already met and their games ended either with the victory of Germany or a draw. Our football tipsters, experienced football and betting experts will help you make grounded predictions about the end result.

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Basic Germany – Ukraine match predictions

Ukrainian team has a few star players that might be a real threat for Germany. Winger Andriy Yarmolenko and Yevhen Konoplyanka can seriously hurt the opponents. But Germans seem too willing to add more silverware to their collection. They have already shown what they are ready to do to get the trophies. They are ready to show everything they are capable of in this group stage battle.

Experts expect Germany to win in this tournament and more further. Please browse through our website to find more clues from euro 2016 tipsters and the analysis of other teams participating in the tournament.